Danny Gray

Composer for Film and Multimedia

Client Testimonials

"Danny Gray was a total pleasure to work on my film HELL NO.  I asked him for something very difficult, a dozen iconic horror themes crammed into a three minute short film, but Danny delivered. The quality of his work is only matched by his professionalism. He was flexible, responsive, and adapted to my ever changing rough cuts without complaint." 

- Joe Nicolosi

Director, Hell No

"Danny Gray is a passionate and powerful composer who delivered a superb score to My Day.  With eloquence and economy, his gentle and reflective music brought to this short drama a sublime and poignant intensity. The precision and instrumentation of his composition put the artistic needs of the movie first without compromising his own innovative vision."

- Paul Kelly

Director, My Day



"I presented Danny with a unique challenge when I asked him to score my short film, Shadow. We had licensed a great collection of acoustic songs for our surf-themed film, and needed a well-designed score to both bridge the original music we had laid in and also bring out the fear, tension, anxiety, longing, and humor of other moments in the story. The score Danny created surpassed my expectations, and greatly enhanced the emotional moments of our film. I was also very impressed by Danny's desire and ability to collaborate and work within our limited timeframe.  I look forward to working with Danny again in the future."

 - Autumn McAlpin

Director, Shadow

"Danny created original music for a play that I wrote and directed, Better Left Unsaid. It was a first-of-its-kind, live-streamed theatrical event on the internet. It was a wonderful collaboration with a team of experts from film, television, theater and technology, all whom came on board with a sense of curiosity and adventure. Danny added the element that tied it all together beautifully - a musical score that supported the theme, the characters and the overall story. Starting from nothing, I explained the vibe and feel that I wanted with my limited musical vocabulary. Danny listened, asked questions, presented samples of ideas and patiently created a score that was beautiful and enriched the whole experience."

- Joey Brenneman

Director and Playwright



"Danny provided the feeling, the emotion, the quintessential flow that not only enhanced The Golden Tree but raised it to a higher level of production. "

- Gerard Davenport

Director, The Golden Tree

"Danny Gray composes refined music filled with emotion and depth, that is exceptionally personal.  Danny has the innate ability to intuitively know the feeling you want to hear. He is able to depict characters, storylines and thoughts beautifully in his writing." 

- Christina Coleman

President and Co-Founder, Illuminations Dance Company